Cheetah cub, puppy become best friends at Virginia zoo staff KABC logo
Wednesday, October 7, 2015
Cheetah cub, puppy 'inseparable' at Virginia zoo
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A cheetah cub and a Labrador puppy became fast friends when they were introduced to one another at the Metro-Richmond Zoo in Virginia.

MOSELEY, Va. (KABC) -- An unlikely friendship has formed at a zoo in Virginia.

A cheetah cub named Kumbali and a Labrador puppy named Kago live together as if they were brothers.

Kumbali was born at the zoo earlier this year. He had to be pulled from his mother to be bottle fed because she was not producing enough milk. Because Kumbali could not be reintroduced to his family, the Metro-Richmond Zoo adopted Kago in July.

Since then, the pair have become fast friends, and zoo officials say they're "inseparable."