Chef Ludo launches French cooking lessons on Kittch

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Tuesday, October 25, 2022
Cook with Chef Ludo on Kittch
Intimidated by French cooking? Chef Ludo is here to help with the latest season of Ludo à la Maison, now streaming exclusively on

LOS ANGELES -- Ludo Lefebvre is the latest powerhouse chef to join Kittch, a new online community bringing professional chefs and passionate home cooks together through free, interactive live streams.

The 11th season of Chef Ludo's beloved show will stream exclusively on Kittch and will cover French classics like coq au vin, duck l'orange, blanquette de veau, and more.

"So it's amazing now, I can have a conversation with the viewer and they can ask me also a lot of questions about cooking," Chef Ludo says of Kittch's interactive model. "I love it because it's a new way for me, a chef, to engage with my viewer and share secrets."

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