4-year-old girl named Florence helps victims of Hurricane Florence

ByCate Cauguiran WLS logo
Tuesday, September 18, 2018
Chicago girl, 4, named Florence helps victims of Hurricane Florence
Florence Wisniewski, 4, of Chicago, wanted to help Florence victims after hearing her name several times over the last few days.

CHICAGO, Illinois -- A 4-year-old Chicago girl named Florence is trying to help victims of Hurricane Florence.

Rain and wind from Florence have left thousands flooded and in need of help in North and South Carolina.

That means young Florence Wisniewski - also known as Flo - has been hearing her name over and over in the past few days. Now, she is a force of her own.

"I think people want to help and they just needed a little push and Flo was that push," said her mother, Tricia Wisniewski. "She didn't know exactly what was happening so we started showing her videos and reading her articles and telling her just what was happening and showing her houses underwater and she wanted to help."

Flo's parents put out a donation box on their front porch and at Flo's preschool to collect non-perishable items, such as food, diapers, and toiletries, for victims of the destructive storm.

"Because I think it's right to do, to help people," Florence said.

Then, Flo's mom shared a photo on Facebook last Friday calling for donations. The post has been shared thousands of times.

Now, the family has collected hundreds of dollars worth of donations.

"People are coming up to me at the store or at a fest and telling me about it and it's been great. It speaks volumes of the neighborhood," Tricia Wisniewski said.

The family will be taking donations up until Friday, which is Florence's birthday.