City Attorney files 16 criminal charges against Chinatown building owner

"It is outrageous that vulnerable senior citizens in a 16-story high-rise are essentially trapped," said City Attorney Mike Feuer.
CHINATOWN (KABC) -- In a press conference this week, City Attorney Mike Feuer announced that he has filed 16 criminal charges against the C.C.O.A. Housing Corporation, and it's President and CEO Don Toy.

Toy is the owner and operator of Cathay Manor, a residential building in Chinatown for low-income seniors. The elevators have been an ongoing problem.

"The high-rises two elevators have not been functioning for days and that's not right," said Feuer.

The charges include failing to provide at least one operational elevator and failing to comply with the city fire code.

"It is outrageous that vulnerable senior citizens in a 16-story high rise are essentially trapped," said Feuer.

Residents of this building have also complained about bed bugs, water damage, poor lighting and haven't been able to use their laundry room since March.

Toy was unavailable for an interview, but gave the following statement:

"We remain ready to offer affordable housing and we have for over 35 years. It's unfortunate that these situations happened and we tried very hard to work with city officers to resolve them and we will continue to do that. We want to make sure that we have a facility that's operational and convenient for all."

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