Little town of Bethlehem, Pa. celebrates Christmas

BETHLEHEM, Pa. -- Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

It's called the Christmas City. There are many reasons why.

Every year the Bethlehem postmaster receives tens of thousands of Christmas cards from as far away as China requesting the postage be canceled with one of their two special Christmas stamps.

One of which has the star of Bethlehem, the other bears an image of the three wisemen.

All those requests are hand stamped.

Bethlehem postmaster Dan Mazzio says that's on top of all the other holiday parcels they need to deliver.

"We delivered over 3,000 packages in one day, Bethlehem alone. I'm just so proud of the job these guys and gals have done," Mazzio said.

But Bethlehem's Christmas spirit is certainly not limited to the post office.

Over at the Moravian Book Shop, which first opened its doors in 1745, the owners transform the store every year into a Christmas Wonderland.

In fact, shop employees spend the better part of the year gearing up for the holidays.

"We have 11 buyers and they travel all over the country to different gift shows to try to find something unique, something you won't find online, something you won't find anywhere else," said Dana DeVito, general manger of the Moravian Book Shop.

And, of course, there are the many historic museums and buildings that local officials are just looking to show off once December rolls around.

"We have carriage rides, we have Bethlehem By Night bus tours, we have candlelight walking tours, all sorts of wonderful things for visitors to do," said Charlene Donchez Mowers, president of the Historic Bethlehem Museum.

All Christmas-related activities will continue through the beginning of January.

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