'So much beauty': Corona locals celebrate the city's uniqueness

From the scenic Skyline Trail to the Green River Trail and Duomo Pizza, Corona has become a go-to destination.

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Wednesday, June 9, 2021

CORONA, Calif. (KABC) -- The City of Corona, whose heritage spans more than a century, is about 45 miles southeast of Los Angeles in Riverside County. It's a diverse city that continues to grow leaps and bounds.

"There's so much beauty in Corona and our surrounding communities, like Eastville and Norco," said Joel Sabas, a Corona resident. "It's between Riverside and it's between Orange County, there's so much to do around here."

From the Prado Dam designed in the 1930s to the famous "circle" and the Green River Trail, which runs alongside the 91 freeway, Corona has plenty of places to discover.

"And then you have the Norco area, which is horse town of America. People ride horses from eateries to eateries bars," said Rosalinda Murphy, a resident of Corona. "I love it because you get the city life you get the rural you get. It's all it's all right here."

In the neighboring area of Norco, you'll find horse-friendly restaurants, pubs and trails. There's also Harada Park, which is a local favorite.

"And when it comes to Corona, Corona is foodie heaven," said Sabas. "For those that love soul food. We have a place called Sunday Dinners Soul Food."

"Corona, Eastville is made up of it's just a very diverse group. It's it's just really cool. I love it for me. This is home," said Murphy.

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