Claremont ballots reprinted after City Council race is omitted; voters notified by robocall, email

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Thursday, October 13, 2022
Voters catch mistake on ballot in Claremont's 4th District
Claremont residents in the 4th district noticed the ballots they received were missing the race for the city's council seat.

CLAREMONT, Calif. (KABC) -- Claremont resident Bob Hale thought he was all set to vote in this November's midterm election.

That is until he and several of his neighbors in the city's 4th District noticed the race for the City's Council seat was missing from the ballot they received.

"I think I used the word egregious because people already voted and may not realized the omission from the ballot," Hale said.

The issue lies in the council district maps. The Los Angeles County Registrar Recorder's website showed streets incorrectly placed into the city's 1st District.

The city of Claremont's district map approved following redistricting in March 2022 shows the correct district lines.

"The city took swift action as we heard about the issue from our residents and we reached out to the county, the county is reprinting those ballots sending those out today along with making rob-calls and sending emails to inform affected voters," said Mayor-ProTem Ed Reece.

Eyewitness News reached out to the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder's office, which responded with a statement from County Clerk Dean Logan.

"My office identified 338 voters who reside in the 4th Council District in the City of Claremont who were mailed a vote by mail ballot that did not include a Council District contest," the statement said. "This resulted from a mapping error in applying newly adopted district lines following redistricting. This issue has been resolved. We are contacting impacted voters and issuing correct vote by mail ballots along with the statements for each candidate running for the 4th Council District."

Logan said that the city is going to address the issue quickly as the timely action ensures both access and security in the voting process.

"How did the mistake happen? So, they can make sure it doesn't happen again because it could have ramifications the way I see it in what seems to be cropping up as a tight race," said John Scott, a voter in the 4th District race.

A tight race between incumbent Jed Leano and Aundre Johnson. Both candidates plan to do their own canvasing in the effected area to get the word out.

"I think it causes a lot of confusion its difficult as it is right now to get people to vote one time let alone twice. I think it builds a little distrusting the system," Johnson said.

The city says those who already voted will have their ballot nullified and reissued giving them the chance to vote in the City Council race.

"Clearly making sure every eligible voter has the opportunity to do so is of utmost concern to all of us on the council and every candidate for council," Leano said.