Chicago coffee shop giving coffee fix while helping families in need

CHICAGO, Ill -- Chicago coffee shop Back of the Yards Coffee is helping families on the Southwest Side with every coffee bean bag sale.

Back of the Yards Coffee, located in the Back of the Yards neighborhood in Chicago, has launched a fundraiser for The Southwest Collective, an organization that helps families in need.

The shop is selling their 47th Street blend, which they created with the organization. For every purchase of the coffee bean bags, $7 of that purchase will go towards the fundraiser.

"The thing that differentiates ourselves from other coffee shops is our social mission. What we do for our community and how we do it," said co-owner Jesse Iniguez.

The money collected from the fundraiser will go towards extending programs from The Southwest Collective as well as towards a scholarship called Fortaleza for undocumented students on the Southwest Side.

"We're trying to give, particularly focusing on kids who are undocumented. And just give them cash for books or supplies. We know that stuff is hard to come by so again we want to spread the wealth as much as we can," said Jaime Groth Searle, Executive Director and Founder of The Southwest Collective.

Searle said the fundraiser will go on until they sell all of the 1,000 bags of the Back of the Yards Coffee 47th Street blend.

For more information, visit The Southwest Collective here