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Friday, April 26, 2024
Dad supports USC daughter at pro-Palestinian protest
A father who supports pro-Palestinian causes was among those on campus at Wednesday's protests, saying he was proud of his daughter's participation.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Among the hundreds of demonstrators who showed up at the University of Southern California on Wednesday were students, community members - and at least a few parents.

One father of a USC student spoke out about how proud he was of his daughter for participating in the protests and said he would support her even if she was arrested.

"I am here to support my daughter," Lazaro Aguero told Eyewitness News. "She's studying here. And they are protesting against genocide. I am against genocide. My family is against genocide."

Los Angeles police arrested more than 90 people at the protests supporting the Palestinian people.

Although there were scuffles involving police officers and demonstrators, many of them agreed to be taken into custody peacefully, filing off from a core group one-by-one to be led away by officers.

Pro-Palestinian demonstrators surrounded a USC campus police vehicle during a chaotic protest at the university's Alumni Park.

It wasn't clear if Aguero's daughter was among those who were arrested later that day.

But he was fully prepared for that possibility. Aguero has long been a supporter of pro-Palestinian causes and said he'd even be arrested alongside his daughter if necessary.

"It does concern me. but my daughter did the right decision. if she was arrested fighting for Palestine, I will be the happiest daddy if she's doing the right thing."

"If the police arrest me now I am willing to go with the students. I have no problem. Because what I am doing is the right thing - fighting against genocide."

The protests were held in support of the Palestinian people days after USC decided to cancel the commencement speech by valedictorian Asna Tabassum. She had generated criticism after linking to online posts by Palestinian groups that were seen as antisemitic. USC said it canceled her speech because of safety and security concerns.

The school later released all of its outside speakers and honorees from attending the main commencement ceremony and then on Thursday - the day after the protest - decided to cancel the main commencement ceremony altogether.

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