Coley's only catering van was stolen. Owners need help getting it back

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Tuesday, February 20, 2024
Catering van stolen from Sherman Oaks restaurant
A family-owned restaurant in Sherman Oaks is at a loss after their only catering van was stolen.

A family-owned Sherman Oaks restaurant is in shambles after their delivery truck was recently stolen.

It's Coley's Jamaican restaurant's only van. It had all the restaurant's catering equipment inside and everything they needed to make money.

This van means an awful lot to their business, and they could use any help to get it back.

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"This van takes us south, north, east and west -- all over L.A. you can find us," restaurant owner Candice Coley-Thomson said. "So, without this, it's hard, you know. It's very hard on us. It's very hard on our pockets. And, we don't have another van to transport all our catering in."

The family also uses the van to pick up supplies as well.