Street artists turn alleys into galleries

HISTORIC FILIPINOTOWN (KABC) -- Gabba Gallery owner Jason Ostro started the alley project four years ago to help clean up the neighborhood.

"When we first came into the neighborhood, the alleys were in a very large sense of disrepair and the neighbors didn't feel comfortable going down them. So we went through and we helped clean it up, brought in artists and the next thing that we knew the neighbors started coming out and really enjoying the art that we were putting up," said Ostro.

He recently invited 28 artists to repaint one alley in Historic Filipinotown in March.

"It meant a lot to come out here and get involved. It was a very active, very alive and I definitely felt that, that weekend," said artists Cyrus Howlett.

None of the artists are paid and volunteer their time.

"Most of the time for this kind of thing they're not paid so we'll provide supplies for as much as we can but they're doing it to give back to the community. We've really appreciated their efforts," said Gabba Galley Manager and Assistant Manager Elena Jacobson.

There are three painted alleys in Historic Filipinotown and one in Echo Park. Anyone can walk the alleys for free.
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