Thousands of flies swarming Upper Darby Township community in Pennsylvania

UPPER DARBY TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Many neighbors in Upper Darby Township said they are seeing a lot of flies swarming into their backyards. From Lansdowne to Drexel Hill, Action News found homes with fly traps in the backyards. Many residents are also taking to social media to post pictures of the fly traps they have hanging on fences in their backyards.

"Someone actually called it a Delco apocalypse," said Katherine Crews-Williams, from Lansdowne.

Neighbors in Upper Darby Township said they can't stop hearing flies buzzing around their backyards.

"We've had a crazy amount of flies this summer," said Carla Maggioncalda, from Drexel Hill.

Maggioncalda said she's seen thousands of flies around her home, and inside her laundry room. So she invested in two fly traps, hanging in her backyard.

"It can hold up to 20,000 flies, so I'm going to have to get a new one very soon," said Maggioncalda.

Crews-Williams said she just bought a new trap today, after her first one filled up.

Charles Rickenbacker, with Philadelphia Insectarium and Butterfly Pavilion, said getting your own pest control is important. He said the Insectarium sells Maxforce Fly Spot Bait, which is meant to kill the flies in your backyard, but should not attract any more flies than what's already flying around your yard.

The Insectarium also said red eyes indicate that these are common house flies, but they aren't sure why there are so many flies congregating in backyards around Upper Darby Township.

"You don't smell anything around here, so it's not a sewer problem. Clean the trash cans, my back porch has nothing except a grill on it, so why are all these flies against my house," said Crews-Williams.

Not only are the traps creating an eye sore in neighborhoods, but neighbors said they can't stand the strong odor of the traps.

Some neighbors said the traps cost around $8 a bag, and they have multiple bags in their backyards. One neighbor said she goes through a bag a day.

Action News reached out to Upper Darby Township but we have not heard back.
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