Why would a hitman try to get into jail? To kill a con artist in new action-thriller 'Copshop'

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Thursday, September 16, 2021
Gerard Butler plays hitman in action-thriller 'Copshop'
"Chaos is fun in movies if you do it right." Gerard Butler heads the cast of the new action-thriller, "Copshop." It centers around a hitman, a con artist, a rookie cop and a mobster!

HOLLYWOOD -- Gerard Butler heads the cast of the new action-thriller, "Copshop." It's about a hitman, a con artist, a rookie cop, a mobster and one oh-so-deadly situation.

Butler plays a hitman trying to get to a con artist who may be on his last legs. This will not be an easy job, once you factor in a competing assassin and a police station that becomes a war zone. Welcome to turmoil!

"The mayhem is just ensuing," said Butler. "To me, it's the best kind of turmoil. You know, has hints of other, you know, a bit of Tarantino, a bit of Guy Ritchie but yet it's completely its own beast. I feel this movie is incredibly original."

Alexis Louder co-stars as a local police officer.

"She is a force to be reckoned with. She's a rookie cop in this small town police station," said Louder. "And she's been praying for this day where a hitman and a con artist and a psychopath run up in her station causing trouble and she was to restore law and order. And she's the one for the job."

"Chaos is fun in movies, you know, if you do it right," said Butler.

"Copshop" will be in theatres on Friday, Sept. 17.