COVID-19: Check these maps to see where coronavirus cases are growing and falling in California

National Geographic has released maps of coronavirus in California to show where the COVID-19 cases are increasing and decreasing throughout the state.
National Geographic has launched new maps online that can help you keep track of COVID-19 cases not just across California, but right down to each county in the state.

You can hover over any county in the U.S. and find out how many new cases there have been in the past week and if it's up or down from the previous week.

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The darker the color is, the more cases there are.

You can also check death rates state by state and county by county.

You can view the National Geographic maps by visiting this link. When you visit the site, you may be prompted with a free sign up page.

As you scroll through the maps, note you can also take a look at trends over the past seven days.

For example, California, as of this writing, has 68,051 cases. The state is reporting 12,979 new cases in the past week, up from 11,381 cases from the previous week.

Keep in mind, these numbers will obviously change on a week-to-week basis.

To get an idea of what these maps look like, check out the images below.

Example of the deaths per capita map.

Example of the weekly change in deaths map.

Example of the weekly change in cases map.

Example of the cases per capita map.

As of Friday, California was conducting 21,332 tests per one million residents, according to a ABC7 Eyewitness News analysis of data from the COVID Tracking Project. That puts the state in 26th place nationwide when compared to testing per capita in all 50 states and Washington, D.C. California was ranked 31st the week before.

Locally, the county that had completed the most tests as of Friday was Riverside County at 27,267 tests per million people, followed by LA County at 20,569 tests per million people, then Ventura, Orange and San Bernardino Counties.

Want to see coronavirus cases in a larger window? Click here

Want to see COVID-19 cases in a larger window? Click here
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