"Ask the doctor" forum: Medical experts answer common questions about COVID-19

With the recent rise in coronavirus cases and hospitalizations, do you have questions about you and your family's health and well-being?

ABC7 held another forum on Thursday, July 2 with several doctors to answer your questions and concerns after the first one received a large amount of questions.

The panel of doctors were: Dr. Anthony Cardillo, CEO of Mend Urgent Care; Dr. Daisy Dodd, infectious disease specialists with Kaiser Permanente; Dr. Jose Mayorga, director of UCI Family Health Center; Dr. Nicholas Testa, Chief Medical Officer with Dignity Health Southern California.

Among the questions asked by viewers in the first segment in the video above:

  • Can I reuse my latex gloves after wearing them for only one hour if I clean them with hand sanitizer?

  • Is it safe for my kids and I to go swimming in the pool in our condo?

  • If you travel out of state, should you self-quarantine when you come back automatically or only if you have symptoms?

  • If I'm out in public for an essential reason, is it safe to use a public restroom?

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    Doctors are answering questions from viewers about protecting themselves and their families from coronavirus.

    In the second segment featured in the video above, questions included:

  • I share washing machines with my fellow apartment tenants. Is it possible to contract COVID from washing clothes in cold water? Is warm or hot water safer?

  • Is it true that the coronavirus can not be passed through food?

  • Is there any way of knowing if a positive antibody test will give you immunity?

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    Dr. Anthony Cardillo, CEO of Mend Urgent Care, was posed with the following question: Can the coronavirus live on the bottom of your shoes? His answer was eye-opening.

    Questions in the third segment included:

  • What precautions would you recommend taking when going to a hotel during this pandemic?

  • I have a dental appointment in which I have to continue opening my mouth for about an hour. Is that safe at this time?

  • Can the coronavirus live on the bottom of your shoes?

  • I have a roommate who is currently out of town? What precautions should he and I take to ensure our safety upon his return?
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