COVID-19 testing sites across Southern California see long lines ahead of Thanksgiving holiday week

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Long lines have been seen at coronavirus testing sites across the county, including many in Southern California, as people hope to get tested ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday.

Despite a recommendation from the Centers for Disease Control to avoid traveling for the holiday this week, people have flocked to places like Dodger Stadium to get tested.

"I'm going to visit my family for Thanksgiving and I want to make sure that I'm safe before I go," said Occidental College student Sofia Be-Zaken.

She was in one of more than 500 cars seen in line outside the massive testing site in Los Angeles at one point Friday afternoon.

As positive case numbers have gone up and the holidays approach, there's been a 35% increase in testing throughout Los Angeles County since the middle of October, according to the county's Department of Public Health.

Testing appointment slots have been filling up fast. At 10:20 a.m. on Friday, hundreds of appointment slots were still open for Dodger Stadium. By 11:45 am, all but two appointments had been reserved.

AIR7 HD was overhead later Friday afternoon to see lines once again snaking out of the parking lot and onto Stadium Way.

It was a similar scene on the west side, where around 200 cars lined up to get tested at the VA Hospital.

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Testing is at a premium as we head into Thanksgiving week. There were long lines outside urgent care centers across Southern California on Sunday.

Long lines were also seen outside various urgent care centers across Southern California Sunday, including at Westwood and Santa Monica.

However, doctors say a negative test does not necessarily mean it's safe to see your family this holiday.

It's possible to be pre-symptomatic and contagious and not have enough virus in your system to be detected.

"It's not foolproof. You could have the infection unknowingly and see your family and friends for the holidays and tragic things can happen as a result," said Dr. Nathan Newman with Santa Monica Urgent Care. "And before you know it you could have a superspreader event on your hands. Family and friends are infected and in no time it spreads to your whole community."
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