OC lab offering more options for COVID-19 testing as many sites transfer to vaccine centers

Lab with two locations in Orange County is giving options for people looking for COVID testing.

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Tuesday, February 9, 2021
Company offers OC residents options for COVID tests
Locations like Dodger Stadium have been transformed from COVID testing sites to vaccine distribution centers, which makes it harder to find places for free testing. An Orange County lab is giving people options.

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. (KABC) -- Even though more people are getting vaccinated, getting tested for COVID is still a priority and Bach Diagnostics is doing just that. The company has two testing sites in Orange County: one in the city of Orange and another in Huntington Beach.

"We found that when a lot of the free testing sites closed due to becoming vaccination centers, that there was a need and we're trying to fill that need," said Rick Swartz, Bach Diagnostics.

If you've been exposed or show symptoms of the virus, the business will not charge you any out-of-pocket expense to get tested.

"When you consider that insurances are reimbursing for these tests, even un-insured patients are getting covered under the Cares Act," said Swartz.

Bach Diagnostics is part of the California testing task force. The company started five years ago by Dr. Dylan Bach, a pathologist.

"We are a pathologist laboratory focusing on infectious disease, so we were experts in testing before COVID-19," said Dr. Bach. "We test for three genes...three genes is the most any diagnostic tests in the United States will do. And what that gives you is that you target three different genes to give you more sensitivity and more specificity...So our test is probably the most reliable and most accurate in the nation."

Robin Marsialio got tested at Bach Diagnostics.

"Well it's super convenient. I had major problems finding any kind of COVID testing site around me," said Marsialio.

The company says walk-ins are welcome and test results usually come back within 48 hours.

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