COVID: Brooklyn couple's dazzling date nights shine light amid pandemic

ByNaveen Dhaliwal WABC logo
Thursday, August 13, 2020
Brooklyn couple takes date night to the next level amid pandemic
Naveen Dhaliwal has more on a Brooklyn couple who has found creative ways to keep their date nights fresh and exciting during the pandemic.

NEW YORK -- A Brooklyn couple has found creative ways to keep their date nights fresh and exciting during the pandemic.

High school sweethearts Jasmin and Dean Gaskin fell in love young.

"We've been together for 20 years and married for five," Jasmin Gaskin said.

Their wedding took place in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, a place they were supposed to return to this year to celebrate a milestone anniversary.

"Because of COVID it wasn't a reality," Dean Gaskin said.

Jasmin Gaskin says the couple wasn't comfortable eating at restaurants, but they love date nights.

So they took it upon themselves to get creative, taking date night wherever they wanted, like the Brooklyn Bridge.

"I'm a sucker for nice views, food and views," Jasmine Gaskin said.

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They ordered takeout and set up a table with impressive decor.

"I'm a decor guy," Dean Gaskin said. "We went to Century 21, TJ Maxx and bought table settings, succulent plants."

Another evening date night was at Coney Island, where the pair had candles carefully laid on the sand.

All those items were packed neatly in a suitcase in the back of their car.

They say it's a labor of love that's well worth it.

So far the couple has had four date nights.

They always look to change the vibe, but never forget the reason and meaning behind each one of them.

"Keeping it simple during this time is key, especially romance, you can always go to the fancy restaurants and buy jewelry, but those things are limited, taking it back to the essence," Gaskin said.