Study: Cruises better than other vacations for your well-being

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Thursday, May 23, 2019
Study: Cruises better than other vacations for your well-being
Study say cruises are better than other vacations for your well-being.

Are you in desperate need of some R&R? Experts say it's time to sail away.

Scientists at the University of China say going on a cruise offers a whole host of benefits and the effects can last up to six months.

Most studies agree that travel is usually good for you, but the study published in International Journal of Tourism Research says cruises seem to be particularly beneficial.

The study says cruises offer a "total escape experience" which allows for more relaxation, but also memory-making fun. This includes safe transportation to exotic destinations, Vegas-style onboard entertainment, pampering treatments, and easy-to-access food and beverages.

Researchers gave more than 300 tourists a psychological questionnaire on their return from a cruise. The same quiz was also taken by another 300 travelers who had taken a cruise within six months.

The questionnaire asked travelers about their own perceived sense of well-being, including life satisfaction and emotional state of mind.

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