One-of-a-kind bike & plant shop builds community and custom bikes

ByJose Mayorquin Localish logo
Friday, September 1, 2023
One-of-a-kind bike & plant shop builds community and custom bikes
The Cub House Bike & Plant shop is America's favorite (and only) bike and plant shop.The Cub House Bike & Plant shop, a unique bike & plant shop in San Marino, California, builds community as well as custom bikes.

SAN MARINO, Calif. -- The Cub House Bike & Plant Shop jokingly touts itself as "America's favorite bike and plant shop," since it may very well be the only one in existence. The shop owners took over the location of a friend's nursery in San Marino, California and decided to keep the green house going along with their bike business.

"We have people all the time come in and ask 'Is this a restaurant? Is it a bike shop? Is it a bar? What's going on?' and a lot of time we have really loud music or even Mariachi music and they're like 'What's happening?," said Carla Alcibar, co-owner of The Cub House Bike & Plant Shop. "We just love that people come in and have no idea what it is and we can talk them through our story.

Besides selling plants and bikes, The Cub House also builds community by hosting biking excursions and encouraging locals to hang out and socialize.

"I think they're more about 'Yeah, just come hang out. We're selling stuff too and if you wanna buy something, cool," said customer Riley Cooper.

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