'Dancing with the Stars' rolls the dice for Vegas night

ByGeorge Pennacchio KABC logo
Wednesday, October 3, 2018
'Dancing with the Stars' rolls the dice for Vegas night
One couple was eliminated after "Dancing with the Stars" gambled on a Las Vegas theme night.

LOS ANGELES -- The 12 remaining couples on Season 27 of "Dancing with the Stars" are again rolling the dice in the ballroom.

Like Monday's tribute to New York City, Tuesday's competition pays tribute to some iconic scenes and songs that celebrate Las Vegas.

Both nights' judges' scores along with online viewer votes from Monday will determine which couple is sent home. (Host Tom Bergeron told us late in the show that there was a problem with the phones and those scores would not be counted).

Here's a rundown of the Tuesday scores, from highest to lowest:

Juan Pablo Di Pace- 26 out of 30; grand total - 52 out of 60

Apparently Juan Pablo likes hanging out at the top of the leader board. He duplicated his Monday night judges' score with a sexy, sultry foxtrot. Len Goodman tried out his Spanish declaring "No Problemo, Juan Pablo". The head judge also told J.P. there was nothing to gamble here; he'll be back next week. Carrie Ann Inaba reiterated an earlier comment she made to DeMarcus Ware: "yummy yummy".

Milo Manheim- 26 out of 30; grand total - 52 out of 60

Just like J.P. and Cheryl, Milo and Witney had the same high score as they did Monday. Milo joked about trying to have fun with a Vegas theme, since he's 17 and can't really have the kind of fun most people associate with Sin City. They are assigned the tango, which is a very serious, dramatic dance. That is not Milo's strong suit, but Witney gets him to focus and we see a whole new side to the teen. Bruno thought the couple was on fire, and called Milo a true leading man. Len enjoyed the routine as well, but advised Milo to watch two things: don't stick your bum out, and since he's a tall guy, own it!

Tinashe- 26 out of 30; grand total - 52 out of 60

Tinashe and Brandon bring a real originality to their Cha Cha. They danced to Britney Spears' "Circus" and we learn that Tinashe actually got to perform with Brit-Brit once upon a time and is a huge fan. Bruno said Tinashe has him under her spell. Carrie Ann thinks the couple brings heat and energy to the ballroom with each dance. Len agreed it was a knock out performance but also thinks there's a bit of "sameness" to the routines and challenged Brandon to shock him with something new.

Alexis Ren- 24 out of 30; grand total- 49 out of 60

Alexis had a minor meltdown during rehearsal but the judges did acknowledge several times that a lot has been asked of the Season 27 celebs. Alexis found her footing with Alan's salsa and Len pulled out a poker term to let her know she went "all in" this round. Bruno called the dance a mashup of salsa and Cirque du Soleil and was pleased with the result.

Evanna Lynch- 24 out of 30; grand total - 48 out of 60

Each week Evanna lets loose and has just a little more fun in the ballroom. She thinks the jive is the most fun she's had with Keo yet. Len called the dance high energy and athletic. Bruno thinks she's alive and vivacious.

DeMarcus Ware- 23 out of 30; grand total - 47 out of 60

It was a treat for DeMarcus because he got to quickstep to a live performance by Boyz II Men. He revealed that he was also in a boy band when he was younger and they used to cover Boyz II Men songs! DeMarcus is pushing through, saying the goal is to get comfortable with uncomfortable situations. Len and Carrie Ann both reminded him to watch his shoulders. Bruno thinks DeMarcus is on a winning streak and adds a dashing presence to the ballroom.

John Schneider- 20 out of 30; grand total - 43 out of 60

You just knew someone was going to bring Elvis out for Vegas night! And John and Emma did dueling Elvis's (or as Tom said, Elvi??). Bruno called the routine fun and great entertainment, it just needed more jive. Carrie Ann wants John to own his height.

Nancy McKeon- 20 out of 30; grand total 41 out of 60

Nancy and Val take a road trip to Vegas to visit with the cast of the Cirque du Soleil performers. They're learning a paso doble to a song from the show "KA." Nancy seems intrigued to learn a dance that celebrates strength and power. Len thought the dance was full of attack and spirit, but needed a little finesse. Carrie Ann cheered her for hanging in there with four male professional dancers. Nancy's response: "What a great night!"

Bobby Bones - 19 out of 30; grand total - 39 out of 60

They're going pure Vegas baby with this number! Dance AND magic! Bobby is having a little trouble staying in frame with his quickstep so Sharna brings out the shoulder harness! He takes it all in good stride. They really do a magic trick (the old cutting a woman in two bit!) but perform an energetic dance around the gimmick. Maybe too energetic. Both Bruno and Carrie Ann asked Bobby to tone it down a notch, so things didn't look so manic.

Danelle Umstead- 19 out of 30; grand total - 37 out of 60

There's no doubt Danelle has won over everyone with her inspiring story. Host Tom Bergeron showed us an illustration of what Danelle's vision is like... very educational and made you appreciate what she's able to do even more. Carrie Ann again praised Artem's choreography and coaching and told Danelle she touches our hearts every time she dances. Len was pleased with the way she filled the space of the whole ballroom. The couple's quickstep was done to a live singing performance by former mirror ball champ Donny Osmond.

Joe Amabile- 18 out of 30; grand total - 35 out of 60

Joe joked that slow and steady will win the race; he's gone up one point each dance. He and Jenna do a jazz routine to "The Gambler", which he calls appropriate since dancing is a big gamble for him. He got a trio of 6's from the judges, who all had nice "atta boy" comments. Bruno also told Joe he needs to come out of his shell a little more.

The elimination

There was just about a minute for the elimination after 12 couples danced. Tom revealed that there were two couples in jeopardy: John and Emma, and Danelle and Artem. There was great sadness in the ballroom when it was revealed that this was Danelle's last dance.

The 11 remaining couples return next week for dance tributes to their "most memorable years."