48 diamond bracelets accidentally mailed to Mississippi man

Thursday, January 3, 2019
48 diamond bracelets accidentally mailed to Mississippi man
Atlanta-based Jewelry Unlimited accidentally sent 48 diamond bracelets to a Mississippi man.

OLIVE BRANCH, Miss. -- A Mississippi man who ordered his wife a $2,000 diamond bracelet for Christmas was accidentally sent a few more diamonds than expected.

Forty-eight bracelets were mailed to Dale Dickerson, an alderman in Olive Branch, who had ordered just one bracelet from Atlanta-based Jewelry Unlimited.

"I stood there and just stared at it for, I don't know, several seconds, because I didn't know what to do. I literally just stared at it - just dumbfounded," Dickerson told WATN-TV.

The bracelets arrived in a box without paperwork, just a handwritten label inside.

After he caught his breath, Dickerson called the company.

"A manager came on and I could tell he had a lot of panic in his voice," he said.

In this email, the manager thanked Dickerson for his honesty. He sent the bracelets back and Jewelry Unlimited sent the Dickersons a pair of diamond earrings as a thank you.

"I love the bracelet but you know 48 would've looked better, wouldn't it? No, hahaha I'm kidding. I love the bracelet," joked wife Sherry Dickerson.

Still, the Dickersons aren't sure how this happened.