5 SoCal DMV workers admit to taking bribes to approve licenses for unqualified drivers

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Wednesday, May 19, 2021
5 SoCal DMV workers admit roles in bribery scandal
Five DMV workers in Torrance and Lincoln Park have entered guilty pleas in connection with a bribery scandal in which they took tens of thousands of dollars to approve licenses for unqualified drivers.

TORRANCE, Calif. (KABC) -- At least five California DMV workers have admitted to roles in a bribery scandal involving payoffs to issue licenses to unqualified drivers, according to federal officials and court records.

Federal prosecutors say those employees at the agency's Torrance and Lincoln Park sites accepted tens of thousands of dollars in payoffs to approve licenses for unqualified drivers.

Five employees have entered guilty pleas to various charges in the scheme involving cash bribes at least several times a week, officials say.

A DMV investigator helped uncover the conspiracy when she spotted suspicious patterns in application processing at the Torrance office, according to court records.

The California Department of Motor Vehicles issued a statement:

"The DMV cooperates with law enforcement in the investigation of alleged illegal activity of DMV employees. Fraud prevention is one key component of customer service. The DMV takes very seriously its responsibility to uphold the law as we serve our customers and we applaud our thousands of employees who work with integrity and pride. Internal audits and investigations of reports or indications of inappropriate behavior can lead to criminal investigations. Those who choose to break the law while employed by the DMV will be appropriately disciplined."