LAPD Chief Moore on chaotic scenes after World Series: 'We are embarrassing ourselves in a sports celebration'

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Wednesday, October 28, 2020
Chief Michel Moore calls Dodger fans celebration in downtown Los Angeles "unruly"
Repeated instances of vandalism, looting, and arson were seen following Dodgers World Series victory in downtown Los Angeles.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- While most Dodger fans in Los Angeles celebrated the team's World Series victory responsibly on Tuesday night, some took to the streets of downtown for a night of chaos that included fireworks, "street takeovers" and the looting of at least one semi-truck's cargo.

In an interview with ABC7 on Wednesday, LAPD Chief Michel Moore discussed how the raucous gatherings were similar to the ones that turned out after the Lakers won the NBA championship earlier this month.

"What started out as a celebration turned to unruly, riotous crowds," says LAPD Chief Michel Moore.

"There were repeated instances of vandalism, looting and arson," Moore said. Officers were assaulted with rocks and bottles, all while fireworks were being set off, he added.

Celebrations after Dodgers' World Series win turn unruly, violent in downtown LA

Celebrations for the Dodgers' World Series win took a chaotic turn overnight in parts of Los Angeles, including in downtown where at least eight people were arrested.

For a period of time it was "mayhem, it was uncontrolled and officers trying to restore order" the police chief said. Some officers suffered minor injuries and several arrests were made.

"It's frustrating," said Moore. "We're going to continue to identify strategies to change this, to change the conduct, for those that believe the rules don't apply to them."

About 500 officers were stationed in downtown Los Angeles on Tuesday night, 200 more than during the celebration of the Lakers' championship.

Moore said he and his department were "identifying strategies and deepening their capabilities," to prevent lawlessness, this only days away from Election Day.

He called on all Angelenos to express themselves peacefully so that all voices can be heard, instead of "embarrassing ourselves in a sports celebration around the world."

"The story is not that the Dodgers won," Moore said. "The story is the vandalism, looting, and how the celebration was taken over by thugs. We can do better than that."