Here's how longtime Dodgers broadcaster Jaime Jarrín is spending his retirement

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Tuesday, November 15, 2022
How former Dodgers broadcaster Jaime Jarrín is spending his retirement
Retired Dodgers broadcaster Jaime Jarrín is still making a difference through his foundation, which is giving away $50,000 in scholarships to law and journalism students

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- It's been about a month since the retirement of Jaime Jarrín, the legendary Spanish voice of the Dodgers.

In a recent interview with ABC7, Jarrín said he is staying busy and spending more time with family. But he's also focusing more on the Jaime & Blanca Jarrín Foundation, which was created after Jarrín's wife Blanca passed away.

"I feel excited about my work with the foundation," Jarrín said. "It is something that we have to do in order to help someone."

Since the start of the foundation in 2019 it has awarded thousands of dollars in scholarships to law and journalism students to continue fulfilling their mission of empowering the Latino community.

"Because my mom set that example for us growing up and how important it is," said Jorge Jarrín, Jaime Jarrín's son and retired Dodgers broadcaster. "You can't solve all of the world's problems but you can try but just putting your own little part."

For the first time the foundation will be awarding a total amount of $50,000 in scholarships. Jorge Jarrín is the president of the foundation.

"We need people in our community to better our future by having equal representation. Something that represents our community... whether it is in law or journalism," Jorge Jarrín said.

The foundation has partnered with Los Defensores, one of the scholarship sponsors and a law firm well known in the Latino community. The Jarríns have been working with the firm for over three decades.

"I was hired to be a spokesperson with Los Defensores and I thought it would be a matter of one, two, three years. But I have been with them for 35 years and I have enjoyed my much," Jaime Jarrín said.

Even though Jaime Jarrín has put away the microphone after 64 years of being the Spanish-language broadcaster for the Dodgers, Jarrín said he will continue to work with the Boys in Blue.

"I am going to be an ambassador probably more in specifically towards the Latino community," Jaime Jarrín said. "Which I would appreciate very, very much to the Dodgers. They have been great."

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