The world of competitive creative dog grooming

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Friday, February 26, 2021
Welcome to the colorful world of competitive creative dog grooming!
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This groomer turns her dogs into literal works of art-- and her dogs love it!

NEW YORK -- Well Groomed is a documentary that follows champion dog groomers and their incredibly creative dogs.

Adrian Pope, one of the dog groomers in the movie, has been grooming dogs since 1992. She explains, "Some people think it's mean, and the dogs don't love it. If the dog don't love what you see, what we do, there's no way they would let us do it. They definitely get more attention than the average dog. If you see a pink poodle walking down the street, or just a regular black poodle, that pink poodle is gonna get more attention than that black poodle. Their tail's wagging and they enjoy it."

She continues, "I'm pretty much never without a dog except when we go to a restaurant to go to dinner. I love to do my creative grooming, and go to the dog shows to be creative."

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