Adorable! Sea lion and dog play fetch in the ocean off Santa Cruz staff KABC logo
Tuesday, September 6, 2022
Sea lion and dog make friends in the ocean off Santa Cruz
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A Santa Cruz photographer captured heartwarming video of his dog playing with a sea lion in the ocean.

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. (KABC) -- A dog in Santa Cruz has made a new best friend in the ocean.

A photographer captured amazing video of a sea lion playing with his dog in the water.

Dave Nelson said he takes his dog Moe (Mokuleia) to the beach almost every morning. Recently they've spotted a sea lion watching them from the water, even swimming up and down the beach as Dave and Moe walk along the sand.

Finally on one recent day the sea lion - which he nicknamed Sammy - swam close to the shoreline to say hello.

"Moe dropped her ball (she never ever does that) and she waded out a few feet," Nelson wrote. "They ended up smelling each other and went nose to nose for a second, I was blown away. It was obvious they liked each other and Sammy even gave a couple soft barks saying hello."

Dave threw Moe's ball in the water to see if Sammy would bring it back. Sammy swam as fast as he could - but Moe was just a little quicker, jumping into the waves and retrieving the ball a second before the sea lion got there.