Dogs attack herd of goats in Mead Valley, killing 9

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Tuesday, December 31, 2019
Dogs attack herd of goats in Mead Valley, killing 9
A Rottweiler and a husky have been impounded after allegedly attacking a herd of goats in Mead Valley, killing nine and injuring 15.

MEAD VALLEY, Calif. (KABC) -- Two dogs have been impounded after they maimed and killed a number of goats in a herd on Saturday in Mead Valley.

"I heard the goat screaming but I really didn't pay attention," said Elizabeth Leal.

Leal said it wasn't until much later when she realized the sounds she heard were of her neighbor's goats being mauled.

According to Riverside County Department of Animal Services the two dogs wandered away from another property and attacked and killed several goats.

"It is not terribly uncommon for us to come across one dog killing one pet but these dogs apparently went at it and attacked a whole bunch of these goats," said John Welsh, spokesman for Riverside County Department of Animals Services.

Leal said she wasn't surprised to hear of the attack and often worried about her own family's safety.

"We are afraid to walk by the fence sometimes because the dogs they jump against the fence and scared my little niece, who is 4 years old. She is afraid to walk," said Leal.

Animal control officers impounded a Rottweiler and husky responsible for the vicious attack. They said the two dogs killed nine goats and injured another 15.

"Some of the animals were so far gone and suffering we had to euthanize a few," said Welsh.

The owner of the dogs turned them over to animal services to be humanely euthanized.