Toni Collette felt profound bond with one of her four-legged co-stars in movie 'Dream Horse'

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Saturday, May 22, 2021
Toni Collette Saddles Up In 'Dream Horse'
'It's an empowering movie.' Toni Collette's new movie 'Dream Horse' shows how strong bonds with animals, and neighbors, can change your life for the better.

HOLLYWOOD -- Early on in her career, Toni Collette charmed audiences in the feel good hit, "Muriel's Wedding." That was 27 years ago! She's worked non-stop ever since. And right now, she's thrilled to be involved in another uplifting film. It's called "Dream Horse."

The film is based on the true story of a Welsh woman from a small village who overhears a conversation about race horsing...and she's off! She decides to get into that business and she wrangles fellow villagers to join her. Their new horse is named "Dream Alliance."

"Race horsing is a very affluent sport, mostly, you know, white guys with hundreds of horses and too much money, are involved. This is one woman with this unlikely dream," said Collette. "It is the most joyous, uplifting story. And I think it's really important at this moment in time to see some dreams become fully realized. It's an empowering movie."

Collette became so attached to the animals, it left her with one very good "horse story" to take with her.

"There were several horses that played Dream Alliance. And the one horse that did all the acting with me was a horse called Beau. I completely fell in love with this horse. We were really communicating. It was a profound exchange," said Collette. "I started looking into flying him back to Australia and having him in my life in a more permanent way. Anyway, that didn't happen but it was really, really quite profound."

"Dream Horse" is in theatres May 21st, and on-demand next month.