Pumpkins used in drug-smuggling attempt at Mexico-Texas border

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Friday, October 14, 2022
Pumpkins used in drug-smuggling bid at Mexico-Texas border
Smugglers stuffed 44 pounds of meth into condoms and then packed the contraband into pumpkins to try to get them into the U.S.

Just in time for the Halloween season, smugglers are using pumpkins to bring drugs over the border.

U.S. Customs agents this week confiscated four pumpkins filled with more than $400,000 worth of liquid methamphetamine at a border crossing in Texas.

The drugs were concealed inside 136 condoms packed into the pumpkins. They were discovered after border agents requested further inspection on a 2012 Ford Escape that had arrived at the Eagle Pass Camino Real International Bridge entry point.

Agents seized 44 pounds of meth.

They turned the driver and passenger over to the custody of the local sheriff's department.