Controversial viral video shows how to avoid DUI checkpoint

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Thursday, January 8, 2015
One viral video has generated controversy after depicting a method on how to pass through a DUI checkpoint.

One viral video is causing major controversy for depicting methods on how to avoid a DUI checkpoint.

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Posted by YouTube user HONORYOUROATH, the video features three separate drivers approaching a DUI checkpoint in Florida. The drivers each have a document provided from in a sealed bag hanging outside their driver's side window that details their rights under Florida state law, including the right to remain silent.

The officers at the checkpoint then carefully inspect the bag with a flashlight, and then tell the driver to proceed along their way. The same situation happens for all three drivers.

The video has been generating controversy, with some saying that it provides a way for drunk drivers to continue driving unsafely.

The flyer the drivers used, designed by Boca Raton, Fla. attorney Warren Redlich.

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"So basically, this is for drunk drivers to get by without being arrested for drunk driving...assuming they can pull it off while drunk," wrote YouTube user Josef Roesler.

"We need to stop focusing so much on what the " law "says and focus more on our inalienable rights as American citizens . They have completely no right to force you to cooperate because they have absolutely zero suspicion that you are drunk. For people to say that we have to obey because " IT'S THE LAW " is nonsense," wrote YouTube user Self-Reliance Strong Community.

While the method utilized in the video was based under Florida law, also offers versions for New York and California drivers.