Businesses in Beverly Hills, other SoCal cities boarding up in case of unrest after election

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Monday, November 2, 2020
LA businesses preparing for possible unrest during election
From Beverly Hills to Hollywood to downtown Los Angeles, businesses have been boarding up their storefronts in preparation for possible unrest following Tuesday's election.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- All across the Southland businesses are boarding up before Tuesday's election to prepare for potential unrest.

From Beverly Hills to Hollywood to downtown Los Angeles, crews have been busy adding plywood and protective fencing in front of businesses and residential complexes.

For many, the memories are fresh of unrest this year that accompanied events such as the protests over the death of George Floyd. Some celebratory events, such as the Lakers and Dodgers championship wins, were also associated with vandalism and other damage to businesses.

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More than 50 people have been arrested so far through the work of the regional "Safe LA Task Force" that was established to track down the criminals.

The city of Beverly Hills has been bringing in extra help to prepare for trouble - a SWAT team from Santa Paula. The city is also closing the Rodeo Drive shopping district to cars and pedestrians.

"In response to the fact that others believe that our area is one that should be targeted in terms of coming to protest, we feel we have to be responsive and protect everybody," said Beverly Hills Mayor Lester Friedman.

In Santa Monica, businesses continued to board up storefronts Monday.

WATCH: Santa Monica businesses boarding up ahead of Election Day

Crews spent Monday boarding up storefronts in Santa Monica amid fears of potential unrest following the election

Crews spent the morning boarding up windows and doors of buildings along Santa Monica Boulevard, Wilshire Boulevard and Arizona Avenue.

Santa Monica police said it has had an elevated presence in the area since last Friday.