'Celebrity Family Feud' invites stars to play, raise money for charity

Host Steve Harvey welcomes dozens of famous faces to the game show 'Celebrity Family Feud' to raise money for their favorite charities.
HOLLYWOOD -- A new season of ABC's annual "fun and games" returns Sunday night. Back to host for his sixth prime time season: Steve Harvey with "Celebrity Family Feud."

"I got a game show that provides more laughs than any sitcom. Period," said Harvey.

Harvey has rallied a new group of famous faces to offer their responses to "what the survey says." Over the years, the comedian has discovered there's one big difference when stars step in to play instead of everyday game show watchers.

"I mean, regular people know how to play the game. They watch it at home. It's their dream to be on the show," said Harvey. "When celebrities come on the show they're fun. It shows regular people know how smart they are because celebrities, they don't know nothing!"

To help kick off this new season, we'll see the original cast of "Queer Eye'" battling the stars of the rebooted reality show. Carson Kressley is the captain of the 'Team O.G."

"We loved being there with them, and we also loved being reunited with our cast," said Kressley. "Because although we're still friends and we have a group chat and text anytime something happens, we don't always get to be in the same room together all at once. So that was a real treat."

The celebrity families are competing to win $25,000 for their favorite charities. "Celebrity Family Feud" airs Sunday nights at 8pm on ABC.
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