'Winter Soldier' Sebastian Stan heats up sensual drama, 'Monday'

HOLLYWOOD, LOS ANGELES -- Sebastian Stan is currently a hit on Disney+ as one of the stars of "The Falcon and The Winter Soldier." Now, he is one of the stars of the sensual R-rated romance, "Monday."

In "Monday," Stan and Denise Gough play two Americans living in Athens.

They meet at party. They get together. They're passionate, they're carefree, and they're having fun. But is this just a weekend fling or is there something more to explore?

The film gets intimate very fast, and Stan knew he and Gough would need to be comfortable shooting those scenes.

"This kind of film would not really be possible unless you have somebody that you're trusting," Stan said.

Gough was in for something new with this film.

"I had never done anything like this before, and what was great for me was to do a film like this with somebody who has created relationships on film with women before. I can see now why actresses want to work with Sebastian because it's really easy, and he goes into the fray with you," she said, adding, "Whatever I had to do, and I had to do a lot of naked stuff, and I was nervous about all of that but he met me at every corner."

If you see this movie, you may have opinions about this relationship. But as Gough says, who are we to judge?

"I've been in relationships where I'm, like, this is terrible. We should not be together. We love each other! It's amazing," she said.

"Monday" is rated R. It'll be in theaters, on digital and on demand beginning Friday.
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