Family of LA man killed while trying to stop car burglary asks for help in finding suspect

It was good intentions and a caring nature that tragically led to Eric Davis' death on Sunday, days after Thanksgiving.

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Wednesday, December 1, 2021
Family of LA man killed while trying to stop burglary seeks justice
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It was good intentions and a caring nature that tragically led to 28-year-old Eric Davis' death Sunday night in Oakland, days after Thanksgiving.

OAKLAND, Calif. -- The family of an L.A. man is in mourning after he was shot and killed while trying to stop a car burglary in Oakland.

The death of Eric Davis was the city's 127th homicide this year.

"He was always looking out for other people. He loves kids, he went to bible study ... he gave out turkeys this past Thanksgiving," said Davis' aunt, Karen Holt.

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It was good intentions and a caring nature that tragically led to the 28-year-old's death Sunday night, just days after Thanksgiving.

According to investigators, Davis had noticed his car had been broken into.

The Oakland Police Department said when Davis noticed the suspects break into another car, things took a turn.

"The victim interrupted an auto robbery in progress and was shot by the passenger in the suspect vehicle. We do know the suspect vehicle is a Toyota RAV4 in black color. We'll be pushing out a photo of this vehicle within the next day or so," said an OPD spokesperson on Monday.

Davis, who was from L.A., had been living in Oakland for the past several years. He recently was helping a friend with a construction project.

"We hadn't seen him since June, so we were happy to have him home. He was hungry!" said Holt. "He hadn't had a home-cooked meal from his family for a long time, so he was thankful for that."

His aunt described him as a young man of faith and character who was surrounded by love.

"He was very popular," said Holt. "He had a lot of friends, he had a big friend group from Oakland to L.A. Very family-oriented. We have a large family."

Davis' mother, Katryna Hooker, flew back to L.A. Monday afternoon and said she was devastated and no words could convey her sadness.

As she and her sister try to put the pieces of their shattered life back together, they implore the public with this message.

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"The family of Eric Davis, we'd like to ask for the public's help in locating the suspect who murdered a kind, loving son, brother, nephew a hard working young man," said Holt. "He's someone really important for our family. They took someone so important to our family. We love him so much."

Crime Stoppers and Oakland Police are offering up to $10,000 for information leading to an arrest in this case.

"He didn't deserve to lose his life ... the violence has to stop," said Holt.