Feed SoCal food drive gets underway in Inland Empire as volunteers begin sorting donations

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Friday, June 23, 2023
Feed SoCal food drive campaign gets underway in Inland Empire
The Feed SoCal campaign has gotten underway in the Inland Empire as ABC7 partners with organizations to help feed those in need.

RIVERSIDE, Calif. (KABC) -- The Feed SoCal campaign has gotten underway in the Inland Empire as ABC7 has partnered with organizations to help feed those in need.

The month-long food drive has made its way from L.A. County to Orange County to Ventura and now the Inland Empire.

Volunteers were sorting all kinds food and supplies from water to medical supplies to snacks at a warehouse in Riverside on Friday.

The Feeding America campaign in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties distributes 2.5 million pounds of food a month to 2.5 million people a year.

Although the campaign distributes a lot of food, it still does not fulfill the need in the Inland Empire, especially after emergency funds from the pandemic dried up and inflation increased costs.

"It's really important to give back. There is a lot of families, neighbors in need. Something just as simple as donating your change, or a $5 donation. There's many different ways to donate. It's what you can do to give back to the area that you live in," said Victoria Vildosola, a manager of a Stater Bros. store.

Stater Bros. is one of ABC7's partners in our Feed SoCal campaign.

Vildosola said that those who want to donate can buy plaques for $5 at any cash register, or leave loose change in a canister by the register.

Another partner for Feed SoCal is SoCal Gas, who donated $75,000 to the campaign.

"Today, it is very difficult for working families to be able to make those dollars stretch, particularly with the amount of inflation we are all suffering from," said Lea Peterson of SoCal Gas. "And, so, what we have the honor to be able to do is to donate to Feeding America here in Riverside."

The company's donation will help feed 375,000 families for an entire year.

Peterson also pointed out that the company has its Gas Assistance Fund available to people as well.

Those who are looking to donate to Feed SoCal can donate at any Stater Bros., drop off unopened and nonperishable foods at any Subaru retailer or text FEEDSOCAL to 41444.