Florida shootout: Dog breeder exchanges gunfire with teen robbers over pricey pups

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Sunday, October 24, 2021
Florida shootout: Breeder exchanges gunfire with dognappers
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Dramatic video shows a dog breeder exchanging gunfire at her Florida home with three teens who stole a pair of micro bullies worth $4,000 each.

WEST PARK, Fla. -- A dognapping turned into a Wild-West shootout in a Florida neighborhood.

Surveillance video shows three teens take a pair of pricey puppies at gunpoint from a woman who breeds exotic dogs.

But the woman grabs her own gun and unleashes a barrage of bullets as they exchanged gunfire.

She said one bullet just missed her head as she ducked behind her own car for cover.

Remarkably there were no reported injuries.

The two micro-bullies that were stolen are worth about $4,000 each.

Police have arrested two of the three suspects, both described as 16 years old. Their faces were clearly visible on the woman's doorbell video. They are still searching for the third.

The dogs have still not been recovered.

The woman is not facing charges as investigators say she was protecting her home. The woman said the suspects shot first.