Bowl-bound meals are trending in Southern California

Thursday, November 30, 2017
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Sushi to acai, bowl food is hot. One local Venice eatery is putting some creativity in their bowls to get customers excited.

VENICE, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Chef Alex Thomopoulos dreamed up her version of bowls California-style for Great White, a fast-casual spot in Venice.

"I think it's the biggest trend in food right now they want a lot of things in a very compact compartment," said Thomopoulos.

"It's just a blue smoothie bowl. So I don't really know what that means," said first-time diner Robyn Sills.

That means light and healthy, yet delicious.

"Our famous blue smoothie bowl: Banana based, but we use a passion fruit puree, but its really light and bright and tart," said Thomopoulos.

It's topped with house-made granola, but where does the blue come in? "We use a live blue algae," said Thomopoulos. It's so very Southern California, but algae boasts health benefits.

She also packs a punch of health in Great White's smashed pea bowl.

"Fresh peas and beautiful herbs, citrus, a little bit of prosciutto, burrata, grilled bread that we get locally from downtown and a beautiful poached egg," she said.

No matter what you put in your bowl, the idea says "comfort."

"You have everything kind of tucked in there for you. You can kind of mix it around. They have control over what they're eating and I think that's what people like," said Thomopoulos.

Even it you don't go to Great White, building a bowl is a great way to make a meal.

"If you have leftovers, you can mix and match according to your taste, there is really no rules to food in a bowl," said Thomopoulos

"You can add a protein, you can add certain types of vegetables, quinoa or it can be vegan, gluten-free. It can be Paleo. It's just a really nice, fast, fresh way to eat," said Sam Trude, co-owner of Great White.