Get ready, preppies: 'Saved by the Bell' diner headed to LA

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Get ready, preppies. This is a pop up you'll definitely want to pop into.

On "Saved by the Bell," Zack Morris and Kelly Kapowski attended the fictional Bayside High, located in the equally fictional neighborhood of "Palisades" in Los Angeles.

Last year, a pop-up diner based on the gang's favorite hangout, "The Max," opened in Chicago. Now, the diner is going on the road, and "Saved by the Max" is headed home to LA.

"We're headed Bayside!" the restaurant's website reads.

The temporary diner features menu items like the "Bayside Burger, AC Sliders and Mac & Screech." Customers can top it all off with "Mr. Belding's Fries" or a "Spano on the Side."

There's no official word yet on when or where Saved by the Max will open in LA, but you can still drool over the full menu in anticipation.
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