Man charged more than $1,000 for penny Whopper deal at Quartz Hill Burger King

QUARTZ HILL, Calif. (KABC) -- A local man said he tried to take advantage of the penny Whopper deal that Burger King is offering through its app, but his bill ended up totaling more than $1,000.

Boyce Harvey said he selected the Whopper detour meal deal in the app, but when he went to pick up his order at a Quartz Hill Burger King, the manager said they couldn't find it.

The promo instructed customers to place their order within 600 feet of a McDonald's to receive a Whopper for just one penny.

Harvey followed the steps and went to the Burger King restaurant in Quartz Hill to get his 1-cent whopper.

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"The manager said that they weren't sure. First he said it didn't come through, and then he said that he wasn't sure that they were even a part of the promo," Harvey said.

At that point, Harvey decided to go for a different deal using his bank card to purchase a couple of burgers, fries and drinks for $8.99.

As he was leaving the restaurant, he looked at his receipt and was shocked: He didn't get his penny Whopper, but he was charged $1,093.91.

Harvey said he now has a huge overdraft on his account, and Burger King is trying to help him straighten out the mess.
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