Another car window shooting reported on 91 Freeway as authorities investigate disturbing trend

As authorities investigate a rash of apparent shootings at vehicles on local freeways, two more incidents were reported Tuesday morning.

The first was reported by a driver on the 91 Freeway. Unlike in other similar incidents, the BMW's front windshield was not shattered and appeared to be struck by a possible pellet or BB.

Simon Tanta said he was driving on the 91 Freeway near the 241 toll road just before 8 a.m. when it happened.

"It was crazy really, it scared me because the noise was really loud, more than a small rock," Tanta said.

The California Highway Patrol is now investigating if his car was in fact shot at.

The second incident happened around 11 a.m. in Carson, near where the 405 and 110 freeways intersect. A trucker reported to CHP that his windshield was shot at with a BB.

This comes after the back passenger side window of a Toyota 4Runner was shattered as the driver was traveling on the southbound 57 Freeway transition to the 91 Freeway in Anaheim on Monday.

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Authorities are investigating another instance of a car's windows being shot on a Southern California freeway after a string of similar incidents in recent weeks.

Like many other cases that have occurred, the CHP believes a BB gun was used.

Authorities also confirmed to Eyewitness News a CHP cruiser had a window shot out on the 91 Freeway May 14. Additional details surrounding the incident were not immediately released.

Three other similar incidents were reported Monday in Santa Fe Springs, Westminster and Santa Ana, according to CHP. There have been multiple similar incidents reported in recent weeks on the 91 and other freeways.

These incidents are putting drivers on edge as authorities investigate who is responsible for the shootings without any strong leads.

Right after his car was hit, Tanta says he looked around to see where it came from but couldn't see anything.

In each event, which now span multiple weeks and across multiple counties, no one has been injured.

"It is concerning for the safety of the can be a cause for a major traffic collision," said CHP Officer Florentino Olivera. "If you get hit in the windshield and you panic and veer to the right or the left, you can cause a big traffic collision so it is a concern."

In the rare event that you find yourself in a similar situation, authorities say the most helpful thing is to provide as many details about the incident as you can to aid their investigation.

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