LA couple offering reward for safe return of stolen $8K French bulldog: 'Please bring my son back!'

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Saturday, December 31, 2022
LA couple offering reward for safe return of stolen $8K French bulldog
A couple is heartbroken after their beloved French bulldog was snatched from them in a brazen robbery in the Los Angeles area. They're offering a reward for the safe return of their pet.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Julio Escobar and Kamila Agudelo were out for a walk Wednesday night with their beloved French bulldog, Rajah, when he was grabbed by two men and stolen.

Rajah has been part of their family for less than a year.

"For us, that's not a dog. It's my son," an emotional Escobar said. "Please bring my son back!"

"One pushed me, the other one snatched the dog. They ran. I ran after them. Then, there was a car involved. There was a third person driving, what looked like a mini van," Agudelo told Eyewitness News. "They were watching us while we were talking."

The couple, who live in the Pico-Robertson neighborhood, have filed a police report with the Los Angeles Police Department, but because of how common thefts of French bulldogs have become due to their price tags - Rajah cost $8,000 dollars - they're worried they may never see Rajah again.

"The problem is with the people buying these dogs. If the dog doesn't have any papers, don't buy it and that will stop that," Escobar said.

"It's been really traumatic. I gave away my other dog because I don't feel safe anymore," Agudelo said. "It's awful - just walking around. Looking at every single car that drives by you."

This was supposed to be a celebratory week for the couple, who were married Friday morning at a local courthouse. They had planned for Rajah to serve as the best man. They couple is offering their own reward for the safe return of Rajah.

"Every single place in my house is full of memories. Everything," Agudelo said. "Just going into the restroom and he will follow me."

If you know anything about Rajah's whereabouts, you can contact LAPD's West L.A. division at 310-444-0701.