In jailhouse interview, Culver City parents deny killing baby

The parents of a missing and presumed dead baby are speaking out from jail, denying they killed their child even as authorities search for the body in a Corona landfill.

In exclusive jailhouse interviews Eyewitness News spoke to both the mother and the father of baby Jacsun Manson.

They said they loved their child but acknowledged nothing about the child's well-being.

Investigators, however, say Kiana Williams admitted to them that her baby was dead.

On Monday, officers, volunteers and a cadaver dog searched through the El Sobrante Landfill in Corona.

The landfill is where trash from the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Mall is dumped. Culver City detectives say they have evidence that Jacsun's remains were placed in a dumpster there.

Jacsun's father, Adam Manson, said he's talked repeatedly to investigators.

"I keep asking them what else do you want me to say because I already told you all I know," he said in the telephone interview.

"That's all I can do. All I can do is tell the truth. I can't change the truth. All I can tell you is what I know."

He said that they had placed the baby in the care of someone they trusted.

He also talked about being homeless, living out of a car.

The baby's mother Kiana Williams spoke to Eyewitness News from behind bars at the Century Regional Detention Center.

She says in jail she's been labeled a baby killer, but says that's not what she is. She says she's already been in one fight in jail and has been isolated from the general population.

Asked if the couple may have left the 6 month old somewhere when they went out to party on New Years Eve, she broke down in tears.

She said Jacsun was a good baby, could hold his head up, and had begun teething.

There had been fears that the trail had gone cold. The Department of Children and Family Services knew the baby was missing on Jan. 3. The Culver City police were not notified for three weeks.

The baby's aunt spoke out Monday near the landfill, upset that it took so long to start the search for Jacsun.

"There was never an Amber Alert put out for the child," said Aegina Manson, the sister of Adam Manson. "He was missing since December. Why did no one ever say anything?"

She said the parents are recovering addicts and she can't understand why they were able to keep custody of the baby.

"A lot of it doesn't make sense."

Even if the baby's body is not found, Kiana Williams and Adam Manson are being charged with murder. An arraignment is scheduled for Wednesday.
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