Highland funeral director says COVID is still killing people; encourages people to work for him

"We never know what the next week is going to be like," he said.
HIGHLAND, Calif. (KABC) -- As COVID-19 cases drop and restrictions loosen, an Inland Empire funeral director wants people to know the virus is still killing people.

This week, William P. Lewis, a funeral director at Accord Burial Services in Highland, posted on social media to remind everyone that "COVID is absolutely REAL and still TAKING LIVES" - encouraging those who do not believe him to come work for him.

"We never know what the next week is going to be like," Lewis said.

His message is directed towards those who don't believe in the effects of the COVID vaccine and the use of masks. He also directed the message to conspiracy theorists.

"Even if you don't care about yourself or if you think, 'Oh, I'd never get it,' It's so selfish not to just take those simple precautions to protect others," Lewis said.

His message comes as more than 100 people across the Inland Empire are currently in ICU hospital beds.

Lewis said some people using his services are unvaccinated - knowing they brought the virus into their home - leading to a loved one's death.

"Ultimately, they have to deal with that guilt on their own," he said.

Lewis is hiring for an assistant director, driver and part-time assistant.

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