'Gangsta the Goose' chases down unsuspecting neighbors in Utah to protect family of ducks

UTAH -- A notorious goose is on the loose in Utah after taking on the role of bodyguard for a family of ducks.

He's known as 'Gangsta the Goose' around the town of Daybreak.

For more than a month, Gangsta has been on the loose, chasing down and honking at anyone who comes too close to a mother duck and her nest.

The goose has no relation to the ducks, it appears it just naturally chose to be their protector.

Homeowners near the nest have put up signs alerting people to the aggressive goose.

But unsuspecting neighbors keep running into the angry bird.

Gangsta's duties didn't end when the ducklings hatched.

He was recently spotted escorting the ducks to a lake.
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