Garth Brooks stadium tour coming for one Southern California performance

Garth Brooks says fans may see a little 'rust' after time off due to the pandemic, but be ready for lots of live music fun.
LOS ANGELES -- Country music superstar Garth Brooks is about to hit the road again. He's heading here to Southern California to re-start a tour that's been sidelined twice because of the pandemic.

"This is our first time back in probably five or six months so you're going to see the rust. But what's great is our people have always allowed us just to be us, flaws and all, and still make us feel like they love us," said Brooks.

The Garth Brooks Stadium Tour is back in business. It was the best-selling country music tour of 2019, but then it got put on hold two times because of COVID-19.

Garth will return to the stage March 5 at San Diego's Petco Park... the home of The Padres. This is Garth's only West Coast stop on his stadium tour. Back in 1999, Garth did a little spring training with The Padres in Arizona. Now he'll be playing where The Padres play. He'll just be playing music instead.

"And I'm guaranteed, hopefully, if history repeats itself, I'm guaranteed some hits in that stadium. This is going to be fun," said Brooks. "So this is going to go way too late, we'll play way too loud and hopefully it'll just be way too much fun."

When it comes to COVID, Brooks says we're all moving at our own speed through this crisis...and respect is key.

"I'm not going to try to get people vaccinated. I'm going to tell you what I am. I'm vaccinated. I finally got my last child vaccinated. We're all vaccinated. And me and the last child are the only ones who haven't had the booster yet. So I'm waiting. So her time, whenever her time comes up, we're going to go in together. And the way I got her to do the booster? She's going to give me mine!" said Brooks. "So, this--you bargain. You do whatever you can to take care of your babies. When it comes to masks, I don't understand why too safe is not OK. Let's just be too safe right now, man."

Tickets go on sale Friday, Jan. 14. All seats are $95.

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