Eyewitness This: SoCal gas prices surge, Koreatown parking-space spat goes viral, GPS system to be reset

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Thursday, April 4, 2019
Eyewitness This: Gas prices surge, Koreatown parking-space, GPS system reset
Here are some stories to start your day. Gas prices in Southern California continue to spike. An epic spat over a parking space has gone viral. Plus, the GPS network is set to be rebooted this weekend.

Here are some stories to start your day.

Pain at the pump

Southern California drivers are definitely feeling pain at the pump these days. You've probably noticed it -- gas prices in Los Angeles are now the highest they've been in almost five months. The average price per gallon in California is $3.61.

The average price of gas has risen for 24 consecutive days - an increase of over 36 cents. The cheapest gas station in L.A. is offering gas at $3.25 per gallon, with the most expensive reaching a whopping $4.59.

Koreatown parking spat

A recent spat over a parking space in Koreatown has gone viral. You have to see these videos - from a woman who watched this unfold from inside her apartment.

Two drivers - one in a black car, one in a silver car - in a standoff for a parking spot that lasted more than 90 minutes. Nobody was moving.

The drivers both eventually got a space when a car that was parked in front of them drove away.

GPS network reboot

You might want to dust off the old atlas to get around this weekend -- because the U.S. government is resetting its satellite network -- which could cause some systems to not work properly. Your GPS might be in trouble here. It's called GPS Week Rollover Event and it applies to some of those older GPS devices.

Officials say that newer devices, including your cellphone, should work O.K. when they do this.The Department of Homeland Security says after the reset, they won't have to reboot the system again for about 157 years.