Check out this boy's awesome "Ghostbusters" Halloween wheelchair costume

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Thursday, October 27, 2016
Check out this boy's awesome "Ghostbusters" Halloween wheelchair costume
Jeremy ain't afraid of no ghosts.

Hey Bill Murray and Melissa McCarthy, you should consider recruiting this boy to the Ghostbusters.

Ryan Scott Miller and his family spent nearly two months building an impressive wheelchair costume for Miller's son Jeremy, based off of the Ecto-1 car used in the classic 1980s comedy movie. The costume fits around the 8-year-old and his wheelchair, which he uses because of Spina bifida. Jeremy's costume also features "working lights, a siren and speaker that plays the Ghostbusters theme music, a roof rack with a ladder, warning light, (canisters) and satellite dish," according to Good Morning America.

Jeremy and his family were able to get an up-close look at the real Ecto-1 car on the Sony Pictures lot on Tuesday.

"He was just absolutely giddy," Miller told Good Morning America. "His mouth dropped open and he was like, 'This is so cool.'"