Competitive Eater Raina Huang Takes on Massive 7lbs Burrito

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Tuesday, January 15, 2019
The 7lbs Burrito Challenge
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Can competitive eater Raina Huang eats a 7lb burrito?

LOS ANGELES -- Tirsa's Mexican Café in Downtown Los Angeles offers up the TEE-TANIC Burrito Challenge. Executive Chef Tirsa Farah has created a massive burrito filled with rice, bean, cheese, guacamole and meat. It sells for $49.99, but if you can eat it all in 15 minutes or less you get it for free.

"I've eaten a lot all my life, all the time, and I didn't know what a food challenge was until somebody told me to go try it out. And then I tried it. And I just have a natural talent for eating it," says Raina Huang, competitive eater and all-around lover of burritos. Will she be able to finish it all?