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Friday, July 24, 2020
New facial takes you out of this world
This new OxyGeneo Super facial is out of this world... and not just because you look like an astronaut.

NEW YORK CITY -- When I first heard about the new OxyGeneo Super facial, I thought what's the big deal?

I've tried quite a few treatments that lift and tighten skin using ultrasound and radio frequency technology. I saw stellar results after both the Oxylite facial and the TempSure Envi treatment.

So, why was this new facial that seems so similar suddenly all the rage?

Then - I saw the oxygen dome.

Maybe it was the fleeting childhood dream of becoming an astronaut. Or maybe it was just because I know how amazing concentrated oxygen is for the skin after getting the ultimate red carpet facial.

Either way, I got an appointment at Erase Spa right away.

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"It's unique because this treatment works from the inside out, as opposed to a lot of other oxygen treatments. They work from the outside in. It gives a longer-lasting effect." says spa owner, Lisa Guidi, who gave me the treatment.

The oxygen dome placed around your head at the end amplifies the effects of the exfoliation, lifting and tightening you get during the facial.

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Before we even got started I learned the glowing results would be instant with no downtime necessary all in just 40 minutes.

Check out the full breakdown in this episode of Glam Lab!

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